Vintage Gold-Plate Reverb by Black Rooster Audio

The RO-GOLD was faithfully modeled after an iconic hardware classic, and upgraded with a 24k gold plate, for the most luxurious vintage reverberation experience.

Our plate simulation approach allows us to authentically capture the analog unit’s sound and feel as closely as possible while still including a few unexpected twists – all in the beautifully designed, easy-to-use package that is the RO-GOLD.

Engineers have experimented with foil and metal plates to reproduce expensive reverb rooms since the 50s. However, installing and controlling a real metal plate reverb has never been easily attainable, nor has it been readily available to every producer or small studio – especially when it comes to real gold plates.

As it often happens, this type of hardware remained exclusive to a select few elite studios for a long time. Nevertheless, plate reverberation is audible in many 50s and 60s hit songs, where engineers extensively used this technique.

Not only does the RO-GOLD bring you the sound of these sought-after hardware classics, but it also captures the true tone of a solid gold plate, which would cost millions to recreate in real life. This 24k gem allows you to set up your own retro room sound, that is both warm and mellow. With only a few, simple-to-use parameters, it has never been easier to achieve an authentic vintage reverb sound.


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