Hysteresis is a FREE glitch delay geared toward creating robotic artifacts and musical malfunctions Hysteresis is a versatile effects processor geared toward electronic musicians and sound designers. Process anything from drums to synths,...

adm delay

Analog Delays Machine

Add dimension and depth to your productions Analog Delays Machine is a versatile music production tool that offers precise and authentic emulation of classic analog delay. With no less than four different delays,...


White Chamber

White Chamber is an incredibly pure and clean analog delay plugin White Chamber is an amazing analog delay emulation, presented in the form of a 500 format rack for your DAW. Particularly interesting...


Delay Eleven

Delay Eleven is a cool and easy-to-use VST by Platone Studio for literally any kind of music You can easily create new rhythms with Triplet and Dotted tempo settings. Modulate the frequencies of...


MultiBender Lite

W. A. Production together with Computer Music is proud to share the free version of our MultiBender delay plugin, MultiBender CM! With delicious multi-band processing and four simultaneous delay modules, MultiBender CM is...



HY-Delay is a free delay plugin with a very complete equalizer to avoid interference with the original sound The ‘Ducker’ or side-chain compression function maintains the clarity of the sound and avoids masking...



TAL-DUB-II is an extended version of TAL-Dub-I with a completely new sound engine A 4x oversampled distortion stage allows to add vintage distortion to the delayed signal, but its also possible to make...



Delay effect with a twist. Tungsten is a sound design tool to add ambience with texture and color. Use it to create heavenly echoes, dense reflections, or mysterious drones.


Spaceship Delay

Spaceship Delay is a delay audio effect featuring classic modern and vintage sounding delays. It can be used as a typical delay for mixing vocals, adding some depth to drums, guitars, synth sounds,...



This analog delay effect plug-in is perfect for mixing and mastering your music tracks Its vintage and warm sound makes it ideal for adding that touch of authenticity to your recordings and productions....

sanford delay

Sanford Delay

Sanford Delay is a VST stereo delay effect. It’s an easy to use delay that gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It features a filter in the feedback path that lets you...