The Best Free VST Plugins Equalizers

Rainbow Bird EQ Free

Rainbow Bird EQ

An additive EQ inspired by the legendary EQ4 Vox Samples introduces Rainbow Bird EQ, a modern version of the famous EQ4, known for its “Air Band” feature. With improved gain accuracy and intuitive...


The Channel Strip EQ/Compressor MixHarmony is meticulously engineered for versatility. Sculpt, color, and create your signature sound with ease. Whether you’re mixing a smooth jazz track or mastering a rock anthem, MixHarmony is...


The perfect tool for shaping and enhancing audio with unprecedented clarity AERIAL EQ, a groundbreaking semi-parametric tube EQ plugin thatthat elevates your audio experience to new heights. Created with precision and creativity in...


Ozone 11 EQ

Ozone 11 EQ the new free equalizer from iZotope Audio processing for mastering Is packed with features to enhance any mix. Shape the impact of your tracks with the new Transient/Sustain mode. Zero...


Pulsar W495

An accurate emulation of the Neumann w495 3-band EQ Neumann w495 equalizers were used to master 90% of the vinyl records manufactured from the 1970s to the 1990s. But even after this golden...



VST EQ1979 Analog Strip and EQ Stereo VST analog console strip emulation inspired by a famous British console module with red gain knob EQ1979 has three stages



You can use EQoder as a sound design tool or a melodic extension in your composition The name EQoder is a wordplay between EQ and Vocoder, since you have to use it like...

Coffee Pun EQ

Coffee The Pun

Free Pultec-Style, Germanium-Based EQ and Preamp Coffee The Pun is a free plugin featuring a 2-band equalizer designed to infuse your mixes with the distinctive sonic character of class A germanium transistors. If...


BusEq 2

BusEq 2 – Baxandall Eq – macOS / Windows Baxandall type equalizer focused on group processing, mixbus and mastering. Includes analog processing emulation. It is a close recreation of the original BusEq in...