Spectral Plugins

Spectral Plugins ceases operations, but makes 3 plugins available for free download Spacer Start small, build big: discover new sonic extensions with Spacer, a modular creative effects station where time and space merge...


Puncher 2 Lite

Without diving into the complexities of audio processing, sometimes you just want a quick and easy way to make your tracks sound better. With powerful compression and transient shaping, Puncher 2 Lite is...



Transient allows precise control of audio signal transients with minimal CPU usage Transient-based signal modeller that allows adjustment of the attack and sustain portions of the peaks of the audio signal It works...


DTM Hacker Plugins

DH-TransientShaper DH-Chorus DH-Flanger DH-Phaser DH-Vibrato Features Resizable plugin windowRequirementsmacOS 10.11~11.4 (VST3/AU)Windows 10 (VST3)

atk transient splitter

ATK Transient Splitter

ATK Transient Splitter is a mono transient splitter, cutting an input signal into its transient and sustain parts. The plugin follows the implementation of the transient shaper with a twist explained here Parameters...



Flash is a high quality transient modeler, but with Mid/Side processing capability, “Clip” function to never exceed 0 dB. In an elegant, simple graphical interface in the purest Wavesfactory style Transient Shaper is...