How to claim your Artist Profile on Spotify?


Verifying your Spotify profile is the only way to take advantage of all the tools that this platform offers you as a musician.

To claim your artist page, Spotify asks you for two things: have at least one release (or a scheduled release) and a Spotify user profile. If you have a personal Spotify account, it is best to create a new account to manage it with your artist name

You just have to follow these steps

  • Enter Spotify for Artists
  • Click at the top right of the menu on “Get access”
  • Click on the left tab “Artist or Manager” and you will see a screen that tells you “Claim an artist profile” that invites you to claim your profile on Spotify. After that you will find a search engine to locate your stage name or that of your band. You can also paste your artist URL into Spotify to find it.
  • Enter your information and click on “Yes, claim it”.
  • After this process, Spotify will examine your request, verify it and, if everything is correct, confirm it in a few days.

This process can last between 3 days and several weeks, since it is a process that depends on both Spotify and digital distributors. When this happens, you will receive a confirmation email and from that moment on you can start using Spotify for Artists.

In some cases they may ask for extra information (for example, if it’s your first release, they may ask for the International Standard Recording Code or ISRC, which you can ask your distributor for). You can claim multiple artist profiles (for example, if you have different production aliases), but it will only let you do so one at a time, so you’ll have to wait for one to be accepted before claiming the next one.

How to claim your Artist Profile on Spotify?

Once you have a verified account on Spotify for Artists, you can edit your information and change images whenever you want, create playlists, see your metrics, find out where your songs are played, and see other relevant data.
You’ll also be able to submit your latest releases for playlist consideration, display upcoming concert dates on your profile, or sell merch.

Spotify has its application for artists. It is available in both Android and IOS versions. So no matter where you are, just with your phone you can analyze statistics on Spotify and control what is happening with your audience.

After claiming your profile and receiving the coveted blue badge that proves you are a verified artist, you will need to start adding information. Your artist page offers you the opportunity to convert casual listeners into fans, so don’t waste it.

How to edit your biography

The avatar: It is the image that appears attached to your music when browsing the platform and in the upper left corner of your artist profile. Avatar images must have a minimum resolution of 750px x 750px.

Header or Banner Image: This is the cover image that appears at the top of your artist profile (note that this image only appears in the desktop app and web player). Header images need to have a minimum resolution of 2660px x 1140px, but ideally 6000px x 4000px.

All images must be in the following file formats: JPEG, PNG or GIF. Images cannot exceed 20 MB. It is also recommended that they show the artist’s face in the center.

Artist Bio

We recommend writing a creative biography so that fans get to know you better, it has a limit of 1500 characters.

Link whatever you want on Spotify. You can paste Spotify links directly into the text field or use the “@” symbol to link to whatever you want: artists or albums that inspire you, playlists you appear on, or other artists you’ve collaborated with.

Social networks

In this section you will find the links to your social networks, so that users have immediate access to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram profiles or your website. It is important to highlight the great importance that these links have when it comes to attracting followers, so if you do not have an artist account on Instagram, for example, we recommend that you do so.

How to Get Spotify URL Links for Your Artist Page, Albums, and Songs

Your artist page, albums, and songs have a short, easy-to-share Spotify URL. This link is very useful for potential listeners, as they can directly access your music from various sources, such as an Instagram post. The easier it is to access your music, the better.

Go to your Spotify artist page, click on the three dots to the right of the play icon and the “Follow” button.
Select “Share” and then “Copy link to artist.”

Now you can paste the link wherever you want. You can follow the same process with albums and songs, just search for them in Spotify and click on the three dots.


Your listener data gives you very detailed information. You can see the number of listeners, how they discovered your songs (through your profile, user libraries, playlists or other sources), their gender and age, their location (country and city), and which other artists are popular among them.



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