Pseudo Stereo widener without phase issues

Polyverse Wider gives any mono signal the illusion of an expanded stereo image with an awe-inspiring amount of width. It’s a unique stereo widener plug-in that is completely “mono-compatible” — any signal that has been widened will always remain in phase with itself, even when it is summed back into mono. Best of all, Wider is a completely free plug-in!

Extraordinary space, professional clarity


  • Increase the stereo image of any mono signal by up to 200%
  • Maintain full mono compatibility
  • Also available for iPhone and iPad
  • 100% FREE

Many stereo effects currently in use have the nasty habit of knocking signals out of phase. This can quickly make a track sound muddy and unbalanced, or make sounds seem flat and lacking in dynamics. But thanks to Wider’s diverse all-pass and comb filtering algorithm, a natural-sounding stereo image is created. Your tracks can benefit from widened mono channels without compromising the phase between the sides.

Wider can be used to increase the stereo image of any mono signal up to 200% of full stereo for an extra wide, exaggerated effect. Because Wider cancels itself out when summed to mono, you can widen your tracks as much as you like without worrying over keeping your original signal intact.


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