By Analog Obsession, ultimate channel-strip with Mic Preamp, De-Esser, Line-Amp, 4 band equalizer, Compressor, Limiter and Tape Saturation


  • Simple trim screw on preamp section will set input level.
  • Mic preamp with 60dB Virtual Gain, PAD, and Phase Invert. Also, Pre-EQ (Low Shelf/High Shelf) and HPF/LPF.
  • De-Esser with Bell and Soft options. It will help you to tame highs!
  • 4 Band 81 Style Eq with variable frequency instead limited selectable frequencies. While Low and High bands have bell option, mid bands have Hi-Q option. Also, included Post-Filter same as Pre-Filter.
  • Limiter and Compressor based on 2264 but now totally independent and each has its own external side-chain.
  • Latest module is Tape Saturation. It will help you add tape saturation and glue overall signal.
  • Fixed 2X light oversampling to keep CPU lower
  • You can see “ROUTING” to understand signal-chain.


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