Chop n Dice Lite


A simple and straightforward hard clipper

Chop n Dice Lite is an easy to use “lite” version of our flagship clipper plugin Chop n Dice. It features one “Hard Clip” algorithm.

Adjust the Ceiling slider to set the decibel value where you want your audio to start clipping. Use the “Arc meter” that is along side the ceiling slider to determine where to set the ceiling.

Then push the signal with the “Input Gain” slider into the ceiling. Watch the waveform display area to see what part of the audio is getting chopped. If the waveform is scrolling too fast or too slow for your liking, adjust the “Waveform Scroll Speed” control (red circular slider on top right of the waveform display).

Adjust the mix slider to bring back some of the dry signal into the output. And finally adjust the Output Gain slider to set the final output level of the signal.

Enable HQ (High Quality) mode for 4x oversampling.


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