Monster Sax


Agus Hardiman’s Monster Sax VST, experience the magic of Legato, Bending Notes, Staccato, Slur, Major and Minor Trill, and Growl

All the samples in Monster Sax were recorded using a Neumann TLM103 mic. This high-quality recording ensures that MONSTER Sax v1 delivers an authentic and unparalleled saxophone sound, giving you the ability to elevate your music to the next level

  • Customize each articulation to your preference with the individual volume controls. Tailor MONSTER Sax v1 VST to your unique style and take your music to the next level with ease
  • With a lightweight size of only 50+ MB, enjoy unparalleled sound quality and performance without sacrificing precious storage space on your device
  • Global Volume, Reverb, and Delay FX.
  • Parameter Automation to dynamically change sounds that fit your music
  • Major plugin format: Windows 64bit DAW, Mac VST, and Mac Audio Unit (AU). If you’re a Pro Tools user, please use BlueCat Patchwork to use this VST in your PT


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