Klavir, a beautifully recorded Petrof upright piano, absolutely free

This already incredibly versatile piano truly comes into its own within our MNDALA 2 engine, where you can sculpt the source recordings into whatever shape you desire. Nostalgic keys, ambient pads, noisy drones, distorted synth-like sequences… you name it.


  • 15 Presets
  • 1 Instrument
  • 2 Mic positions

Klavir was born out of our desire to create the piano we always wanted. Balanced in darkness and brightness, intimacy and ambience; this piano could suit nearly any genre. We sampled it with pristine ultra-modern ultrasonic microphones, as well as a vintage figure-eight ribbon mic, allowing you to find your own sound.

To get you going, we created 15 presets, ranging from gentle pianos to monolithic soundscapes, so that you can get to making music without worrying about what’s going on behind the hood. But for the sound designer inside you, our engine MNDALA 2 encourages you to explore as much as you want. Intuitive controls let you quickly shape the sound, while the XYZ matrices allow you to build a complex performance.


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