Developed by Agus Hardiman, MONSTER Synth is a free synth plugin with many distinctive sounds that you can’t find in other synth plugins.

To make it useful for many people, besides those unique presets, it also has some common presets.

It is a ROMPLER (sample playback) synth plugin with a basic set of synth parameters.

Download The Monster Synth library as well.


Here are some features of Monster Synth version 2.2022.10:

  • Lightweight and doesn’t consume much CPU like any other synth (It’s because this is a sample-based synth).
  • 200 presets ! I know presets numbers are useless unless the sound is good (I hope all the presets are useful to you as a music maker).
  • There are 12 preset categories: Bass, Bell, Brass, Hit, Lead, Mallet, Pad, Pluck, Riser, Strings, Vox, and Weird SFX
  • Preset description and preset tips for ideas on how to tailor the sound to your liking.
  • Level Meter dan Master Volume.
  • Volume envelope: ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release) to adjust the sound to your taste.
  • LFO Waveform, Source, and Destination for cool FX of the sound (For example, making Panning FX when you use the Mod Wheel of your MIDI controller).
  • Three (3) Voice Mode: Mono, Poly, and Legato. When in Mono Mode, you can adjust the Glide knob for sliding FX.
  • Filter Cutoff: High-Pass or Low-Pass with Frequency knob to make the sound brighter or duller/bassier.
  • Four (4) Effects: Reverb, Distortion, Chorus, and Delay, each with its own parameters and Mix knob.
  • Available in major plugins format: VST2, VST3 (Windows 64bit), and VST2, VST3, Audio Unit (Mac 64bit) for Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Cakewalk, Ableton Live, Reaper, Studio One, Garage Band, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Bitwig Studio, MixCraft, Reason, Tracktion, and many more (Yes, I have to mention the DAW names because some user still asking me what DAW are compatible with this plugin )
    Notes: If you use 32bit DAW, you can use JBridge to convert my 64bit plugin to 32bit. If you use Pro Tools, you can use Blue Cat’s PatchWorks to convert my plugin to AAX format. If you are a Linux user, some user reported that they had succeded using my plugin in Linux using some kind of converter (just googling it).


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