The ultra simple 3-operator FM synthesizer

Completely free. No copy protection, DRM or mailing list signups.

3 operators each with variable brightness control, arranged in a loop: Op 3 modulates Op 2, Op 2 modulates Op 1, and Op 1 modulates Op 3. There’s some really interesting sounds you can create with feedback. Op 3 can also modulate Op 1.

Various effects: soft and hard saturators, multi-mode filter (lowpass and highpass), ping-pong delay and phaser.

Streamlined single page user interface with scaling ranging from 100% to 200%.
Very simple design, perfect for those new to FM synthesis.

Over 60 builtin patches in the factory ROM bank, accessible from the patch browser.
Full support for the new CLAP plugin API.
Optional 2x oversampling


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