DDSP-VST – Neural Synthesis


Use DDSP-VST to experiment with new sounds and transform your creative process

Transform the familiar into the unexpected

DDSP morphs audio into a range of different instruments. Unlike MIDI notes, DDSP preserves the nuances of pitch and dynamics for expressive neural synthesis

Play it like a Synth You can also play

DDSP just like a typical virtual instrument. Integrate neural synthesis smoothly into your workflow with all your favorite MIDI sources and effects..

Dial in your tone

Use the tone-shaping controls to dial in realistic sounds for any input, or abuse them to get a wide array of timbres that sound nothing like the original instruments.

Explore wild and funky new sounds

Get creative! Try DDSP as a send effect, create instant harmonies, or use it on percussive and nature sounds leads to some wild and unexpected results…


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