A Quasi-Ptolemaic Semi-Modular Synthesizer

Developed by Greg Recco. It is inspired by the Ptolemaic model of the universe, where the planets orbit the sun at different speeds. In AudiblePlanets, these orbital speeds are used to generate sounds.


  • FM Synthesis: The sound generation system resembles frequency modulation (FM) synthesis. The relative revolution speeds of the various bodies have their analogs in the frequencies of the so-called “carrier” and “modulator” (or “operator”) waves in traditional FM synthesis.
  • Complex Modulation: The synthesizer offers a wide range of modulation options, allowing for the creation of complex and nuanced sounds.
  • Global Controls: Global parameters include controls for monosynth and legato modes, glissando and portamento at an adjustable speed, velocity sensitivity, pitchwheel range, and overall volume.
  • Voice Filter: There is also a dedicated voice filter, with cutoff, resonance, and key tracking controls, and a variety of common filter types.


The plugin is available in VST3 (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and AU (Mac OS only) formats. There is no installer, so you will need to place the plugin file in the correct location yourself. On Windows, place the VST3 file in /Program Files/Common Files/VST3. On Mac OS, place the VST3 file in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 and/or the AU file in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components. (You will need the AU component if you plan to run the synthesizer in Logic or GarageBand). On Linux, place the VST3 file where your DAW looks for it, which should include ~/.vst3 as a default value.


AudiblePlanets is a unique and creative synthesizer that offers a wide range of sound options. It is an excellent choice for musicians looking to experiment with new sounds and create complex music.


  • The synthesizer is based on the JUCE framework, which is an open-source software development framework for creating audio applications.
  • The synthesizer also uses some JUCE extensions developed by Gin.
  • The developers recommend using the DAW Reaper with AudiblePlanets.
  • There is a Discord channel available for users to discuss the synthesizer and ask questions.


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