Vinyl Guitar


Vinyl Guitar comes with an easy to use interface allowing you to sculpt the sound as needed

  • Fret Noise – Use this macro to control the level of the fret noise you hear when changing notes and chords
  • String Buzz – This macro adds buzz to some strings randomly to more accurately recreate the sound of a real guitar
  • Pick Noise – This macro adds a picked attack to the start of the sound
  • Reverb – The reverb knob is a dry wet knob. The reverb settings panel opens a pop up box allowing you to dial in other settings
  • Attack/Release/Dynamics – This section of the GUI allows you to change how the guitar plays to fit your playing style or MIDI

Everything is always 100% royalty free. That means you can use any content from our products in commercial releases.

If you make a hit song with one of our loops, presets, or samples, you don’t have to pay us a dime. In fact, we hope that happens. And when you do make a hit s


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