Untold Strings – Roots


ROOTS is a series of free virtual instruments developed by Westwood Instruments. It is designed to provide musicians with a simple and straightforward creative experience, with a focus on limitation as a tool for inspiration.

Westwood Instruments believes that the sheer amount of choice musicians have today can lead to decision paralysis and become an enemy of creativity. ROOTS is based on the idea that restricting choices can lead to greater creativity.

ROOTS instruments are created from sampling experiments and favorite sounds from past projects. Each instrument is based on a singular musical idea and is combined with a set of simple controls.

The first instrument in the ROOTS series is Untold Strings, which is based on the cello from Westwood’s award winning instrument, Novella Origin.

ROOTS is a series of unique and free virtual instruments that offer musicians a simple and straightforward creative experience. If you are looking for a new set of tools to inspire your music, I recommend you try ROOTS.


Kontakt PLAYER or Kontakt Full 7.6.0 or above
Mac OS12 or higher – intel i5 or higher including M1 and M2
Windows 10 or 11 (latest Service Pack)


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