Electric Piano


Electric Piano is a free virtual piano instrument plugin (ROMpler) based on two sampled electric pianos

The plugin has two selectable presets (instruments) with two velocity layers each. The samples were recorded in 24-bit 48KHz WAV.

As for the interface, it may already be familiar to those who downloaded our previous plugins, except that this time we added a display from where you can select the two presets. Another difference you’ll notice is the keys click knob is now replaced with the pan.

From left to right there’s the attack/release section, a tremolo module with selectable speed, intensity and type, pan, lowpass/highpass filter with cutoff, reverb module, and global gain.

Electric Piano is suitable for a wide range of Urban styles such as Hip Hop, Pop, Chillout, Lo-Fi, Jazz, etc.


  • 2 sampled classic electric pianos
  • 2 velocity layers per sampled note
  • 48kHz 24bit audio quality
  • tremolo section
  • attack & release envelope
  • cutoff for lowpass & highpass filters
  • room reverb
  • global volume & pan


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