Nano Saturate


Developed to create the sound of modern progressive house and sounds best on distorted Supersaws.

Nano Saturate includes 11 different saturation algorithms to choose from. This VST also includes a invisible limiter. The limiter never lets the peak level of the wet signal surpass the peak level of the original signal (exceptions occur when using the stereo knob). The algorithm also has automatic resonance detection, which then can be controlled using the Drone/Resonance knobs.


  • Tab Control : Select from 11 different Saturation Algorithms.
  • Mix : how much you want the Wet signal to be mixed with the dry signal.
  • Power : Increases the intensity of any of the 11 Saturation Modes.
  • Resonance : Reduce the resonance that gets detected by algorithm.
  • Drone : Any Sound that is not resonance or not part of the original signal gets classified as “Drone.” You can Increase or decrease the drone sound with this knob.
  • Stereo: Increase the stereo of the Saturation up to 200% or decrease it down to mono.


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