The ultimate and FREE guitar tone and effects software from Atomic Amplifiers

Atomic’s all-new, cutting edge SchemAccurate amp simulation, our proprietary ToneSnap gear snapshot technology, and a suite of rapidly growing world-class effects into a single easy-to-use plugin and standalone app.


ToneSnap gear snapshot technology recreates the detailed sonic representation of your own amps, cabs and pedals using our state-of-the-art AI-powered algorithms. Follow a quick, simple procedure with any audio interface, and Tonocracy will analyze your gear’s audio DNA and convert it into a portable, playable snapshot. But you don’t need to create your own – we have a rapidly-growing library to suit all tastes and playing styles

Quickly search for the perfect ToneSnap across an online library with content from a range of creators, from top names you already know to individual community members. Got an amazing specimen of an amp? Publish your own ToneSnap to share it with the world!

Tonocracy doesn’t require a powerful computer or dedicated graphics card – all processing is done in the cloud with our GPU servers, and you don’t have to worry about manually uploading or downloading files. Simply set up your amp, start the ToneSnap process, and within minutes you can get back to making music while we do the work in the background. When everything is ready, just a couple clicks will bring the new ToneSnap into your personal library, ready to use

Frustrated by other capture or profiling technology that always sounds under- or over-gained, or needs a particular piece of hardware to guarantee consistency? Tonocracy solves this problem once and for all. We’ve made sure that ToneSnap creators have the tools to easily and precisely calibrate any audio interface, taking the guesswork out of gain staging. When using any ToneSnap created with our procedure, the experience is as if you plugged straight into the real amp. When sharing a ToneSnap with other users, you can be confident that it will sound as intended, regardless of their interface.


SchemAccurate modelling technology leverages the best of both component modelling and AI-based techniques to produce stunningly accurate recreations of some of the greatest amps and gear of all time. The character and feel of each unique piece is faithfully preserved, and all knobs respond and interact just like the original, making dialing in tones a breeze. SchemAccurate modeling complements the ToneSnap snapshot technology, and you can expect both libraries to grow as we acquire new items for our collection!


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