Versatile saturator with advanced filtering and modulation features

You can add a warm tube saturation to your drums or vocals, you can add a nice distortion to your bass or add a nice auto-wah before the guitar amp with integrated envelope follower, or you can turn it into a screaming modulated synth filter.

At the core of Hyperdrive are three distortion models – one diode and two tubes. You can adjust their drive and bias and activate an additional gain boost. The distortion ranges from really subtle saturation to screaming distortion, especially with valve 2 selected. You can adjust the input signal gain, output gain and the mix of dry and wet signal.

In the center of the plug-in interface are three filters – hi pass, low pass and peak filter. Each with adjustable frequency and resonance, the peak filter also has peak gain (you can boost or de-boost selected frequencies). Each filter can be activated before or after the distortion stage via the pre/post switch.

On the left side of the plug-in interface is an envelope follower with adjustable attack and release times and sensitivity, while on the right side is the LFO. The LFO can be synchronized to the host tempo or be free, and you can select from four shapes: sine, square, saw, or reverse saw. The speed of the free LFO can also be modulated by the follower

Hyperdrive also provides undo, redo, A/B and 20 presets.


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