Eminence, a ‘vintage’ tool to add “mojo” to your music and give you that old-school sound

So, in the world of vintage ‘Cream-style’ units (well, if we consider the AA world that is) Eminence embodies:

An ultra-rare ’60s British 3-band EQ, famously used in probably one of the most famous and mythical worldwide broadcast studios, produced and developed at a time when record labels and companies maintained their own recording studios, going so far as to design and build most of their own recording equipment.

A ‘Frankenstein’ compressor that fuses two different seriously ‘Old school’ solid-state dynamic processors in one (591: an Optical Compressor – 612: FET Limiter) from a renowned U.S. audio electronics company.

A preamp section includes the preamp stages from all three units that comprise this powerful plugin.


To download Eminence you need to create an Aquarius account.

The process is simple. Log in to Aquarius, free download manager for macOS and Windows, using your email and password.

Download the plugin in the desired format, and authorize it! Done!


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