BPB Dirty LA


BPB Dirty LA is a free VST compression and saturation plugin inspired by classic limiter amp designs

Designed by Bedroom Producers Blog. it is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

It’s a Musical Compressor
We designed BPB Dirty LA to sound smooth and musical while doing most of the heavy lifting for you. The compressor will tame any audio signal you feed it, from vocals and synths to drums and bass.

Turn on the Limiter mode for faster compression with a higher ratio. BPB Dirty LA in limiting mode is particularly useful for use as “mix glue” on the master channel and the drum bus.

It’s a Dirty Compressor
We implemented one of our “Dirty” saturation algorithms to help you add flavor and character to your tracks. The saturation can be turned off if you want BPB Dirty LA to sound completely transparent.

BPB Dirty LA also works as a parallel compressor. Adjust the compression level and then tweak the Mix knob for easy New York-style compression on drums and percussion.


  • Compression algorithm inspired by vintage limiting amplifiers;
  • Limiting mode;
  • Optional analog-style saturation;
  • Internal oversampling;
  • VU metering;
  • Mix (0 – 100%);
  • Output volume (±12 dB).


  • Available for Windows & macOS;
  • 64-bit compatible;
  • VST3/AU plugin formats.


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