Rechoir is a delay effect where all the echoes can either harmonize with the source signal or be pitch shifted manually

Harmonic changes can be synced to the tempo and time signature of your sequencer, keeping both the echoes as well as their pitch modulations strictly timed to your composition.

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All of Rechoirs parameters can be automated or linked to hardware controllers for maximum control and flexibility when used in realtime during a performance.


Rechoir’s UI is remarkably straightforward for an plugin, though it is still encouraged to tweak through experimentation and discover some happy accidents.

If you DO wish to know what is happening under the hood (for instance filter cutoff in Hz or LFO / delay speeds relative to musical notation) you can consult the message display when viewing the plugin in minimized mode within your DAW.

Additionally, you may delve into the following explanation of the controls.

Delay section

The echoes generated by the plugin are bound to the tempo and time signature of the host keeping the echoes in time.

  • Time controls the interval between the input signal and the echo, from a short slapback to a full measure in length, adjustable in 16th note intervals.
  • Feedback the amount of echo signal that is being fed into itself. At high levels this can create big washes of sound and self oscillate.
  • Mix balances the amount of input (dry signal) and the delayed output (wet signal).
  • Freeze holds and repeats the echo in a fog of dense reverberation.

*The archive contains VST2 and VST3 plugins for both macOS (10.10/Yosemite and higher) and Windows (7 and up). Additionally macOS users can also use Rechoir as an Audio Unit.


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