Analog Delays Machine


Add dimension and depth to your productions

Analog Delays Machine is a versatile music production tool that offers precise and authentic emulation of classic analog delay. With no less than four different delays, this plugin allows you to add dimension and depth to your productions, making it ideal for crafting rich and complex atmospheres.

Each of the four provided delays has been carefully modeled to recreate the sonic characteristics of classic analog delay circuits. Why settle for just one delay when you can have four at the same time? Each delay is independently adjustable, allowing you to create your wildest effects.


  • WINDOWS ( VST3 / DLL )
  • MAC OS ( VST3 )
  • Version 1.0
  • The plugin is not compatible with AVID Pro Tools protocols.
  • Currently in the process of developing an AU.comp version (for Logic & GarageBand) that will be available soon


5 / 5. Votos: 1


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