Take the first step into 3D audio production

Fully immerse your listener with mind-blowing binaural tracks and benefit from Dear Reality’s and Sennheiser AMBEO’s joined forces

Enjoy new creative mixing possibilities in a full three-dimensional space far beyond the reach of a simple stereo panner. dearVR MICRO enables you to position signals in any location left, right, above, below, in front or behind your head

The parameters Azimuth and Elevation give you control over the horizontal and vertical position of your audio source. Adjust the perceived stereo width of your stereo sources in the three-dimensional space using the width knob


  • 360° panner
  • Room simulation
  • 5 different acoustic materials
  • Binaural output
  • Control colorations with patented Focus parameter
  • Stereo and mono input
  • Select HRTF set
  • AAX/VST3/AU support


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