An analog chorus plugin for vintage effects

Memory, a plug-in where past and present merge seamlessly, uncovers the nostalgia hidden behind any audio signal.

Memory paints subtle imperfections into audio, in a way that conveys a familiar feeling of nostalgia

With its unpredictable kaleidoscope of chorus & vibrato… this plugin sends any audio signal into an endless labyrinth of feeling and emotion

This plugin steers your ideas off of the usual path, with random pitch modulation that completely alters the DNA of any sound

Try it out on Guitars, Piano, Synths, Horns, or any other audio you’re looking to modify in a unique and memorable way

What can you do with Memory?

This plugin allows you to transform your sound with its analog style chorus & vibrato parameters, as well as randomized pitch modulation

Take full control over the destiny of your sound, choosing what direction you want the vibe of your music to take

You can instantly generate the subtle imperfections of an old dusty tape machine, with unpredictable warble-like effects

Overall, it’s perfect if you’re looking to add an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and dream-like sound to your music


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