State of the art digital filter

Filtron is a 12dB state variable filter that can smoothly transition between lowpass, bandpass, and highpass. It is capable of self-oscillation with resonance levels that can reach up to 11! Filtron also features a fat sounding internal saturation algorithm and a sizzly post overdrive with two modes to choose from: cold and hot


  • 12db state variable filter
  • Transition smoothly between Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass
  • Self-oscillating resonance
  • Fat Internal saturation
  • Post overdrive with Cold and Hot modes
  • Stereo Modulation via CV
  • Integrates with Gatekeeper
  • Optimized for audio rate modulation
  • State of the art zero delay filter design
  • Internally oversampled
  • 100% FREE

Windows 64bit and OSX 10.9+ 64bit
VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX


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