A chaotic inversion plugin created to make mom proud.

Backmask uses government-approved paradox processing technologies to bring the hidden terrors of music to light.

Uncover the plots of ghosts, aliens and other rogue entities with the backmask of freakshow industries.

Press the STEAL button….

*This plugin is not free, but its developers (Freakshow Industries) offer the possibility to steal it from their own website.

Freakshow Industries:

No catch. Stolen product licenses are fully functional, just not eligible for upgrade. We do not taint these licenses in any other way.

Don’t get us wrong. This software is not free and we would prefer that you buy it. But we realize that some people, for whatever reason, just won’t do it. So, if you’re going to be that person, then we’d rather you steal directly from us rather than get some computer cancer from whoever hosts our work.


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