Vocals and Acapellas


Free Sample Packs Vocals and Acapellas for Music Producers & Filmmakers

Advent Calendar 2022 Day #1: Acapella
Full free female acapella kit featuring main acapella, harmonies, vocal chops, lyrics and MIDI file.

Advent Calendar 2022 Day #4: Ad-Libs
36 male and female vocal ad-libs from our professional vocalists (male and female).

Advent Calendar 2022 Day #8: Spoken One-Shots
Spoken Vocal One-Shots

Advent Calendar 2022 Day #12: Vocal Loops
15 key- and BPM labelled catchy processed vocal chop loops.

Advent Calendar 2022 Day #16: Vocal Phrases
24 wet and dry male and female vocal phrases

Advent Calendar 2022 Day #24: Acapella + Gift Card
Full male acapella kit featuring a 32bar acapella, harmonies, lyrics and vocal chops.

Day 1 – Free Acapella
A royalty free female acapella, plus an on-trend vocal chop and a MIDI file.

Day 12 – Free Vocal Ad-Libs
Includes 34 male and feamle vocal ad-libs in a dry and wet version

and many more…..


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