Stereo Bass Width Control for Precise Mastering

Enhance your mastering with Basslane, the improved version of the classic freeware plugin for controlling the stereo width of low frequencies.

Key features for professional mastering:

  • Precise stereo width control: Reduce the stereo width of frequencies below a defined threshold, ideal for mix optimization and avoiding phase issues.
  • Enhanced bass harmonics: The Side Harmonics feature, adopted from Basslane Pro, injects upper bass harmonics to add definition and pseudo-bass amplitude without problematic stereo content in the sub-bass.
  • Metering and monitoring: The intuitive interface combines useful stereo balance and correlation metering, along with flexible monitoring for precise adjustment.

New and improved:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Available for Windows and macOS (with native Apple Silicon support).
  • Side Harmonics function: Adds upper harmonics to the side channel based on the mono bass, creating a musically related stereo width without affecting the sub-bass.
  • Updated user interface: Offers better visualization of stereo balance and correlation.

Basslane: The essential tool for precise mastering and total control over the stereo width of low frequencies.


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