Free Clipper Plugin with Intuitive UI for Mastering Audio (Windows & macOS)

Looking for a free, powerful clipper plugin to enhance your audio mastering workflow? Leikkaus is an open-source solution designed to deliver transparent and precise clipping with an easy-to-use interface.

Key Features for Mastering Professionals:

  • Detailed Clipping Controls: Gain complete control over your audio with Leikkaus’ meticulous clipping parameters.
  • High-Resolution Support: Work seamlessly on large projects with flawless scaling for up to 4K displays.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Leikkaus operates smoothly on both Windows and macOS environments, giving you flexibility in your studio setup.
  • Universal Binary Support: Ensure optimal performance regardless of your hardware, with compatibility for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors on macOS.

Available Formats:

  • macOS (Intel / Apple Silicon) – VST3 / AU
  • Windows – VST3

Download Leikkaus today and experience the difference a professional clipper plugin can make in your audio mastering!


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