LALA Free Compressor


LALA is an emulation of the classic LA-2A compressor by Analog Obsession

This type of valve compressors, noted for their smooth and warm compression, work especially well on vocals and melodic instrument tracks such as guitars, basses, violins, synths.

The LALA update is ready with new features, improved DSP, alternative skins and much more.


  • PEAK REDUCTION: Simply put, it’s the threshold setting. It sets the compression level.
  • GAIN: Compensates for gain
  • LIMIT: When activated, it will act as a limiter. Otherwise, it will act as a compressor.
  • EXT: External sidechain option. With the external sidechain, the sidechain filter can still be used.
  • HPF: Cut the bass.
  • MF / MG: – Set the compressor sensitivity for the mid frequencies.
  • HF: Will set the compressor sensitivity for the high frequencies (improved version of the R37 setting of the original unit).
  • ANALOG OBSESSION LOGO: Oversampling. Will turn red when oversampling is on. It also displays a notification.
  • POWER: Bypass button


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