It’s a complete re-design of the BT-Clipper

If you already have the original BT-Clipper, it would probably be a good idea to delete it before installing this new one.

The point of a clipper is to raise the apparent loudness of your input without the meter going up, especially above 0 dB! This plugin does that, but it lets you set the ceiling. Say you have a track peaking at -18 dB. You want to make it louder without the meter going above -18 dB, so with BT-Clipper, you can set a ceiling for your track, and the signal won’t go above that ceiling.


  • Optimized waveform view to fix the lagging effect
  • Fixed the header menu items not initializing properly
  • Minor dsp optimization for CPU performance
  • Fixed an issue where distortion was occurring when the clipper module was bypassed
  • Here are the features:
  • 3 clipping types: hard, soft, and analog
  • Quality: toggle between normal quality and high quality (8X oversampling)
  • Pre Tone: a mid-range parametric tone control to color the clipper signal
  • Post Tone: a mid-range parametric tone control to change the shape of the clipping


  • Drive: amount of signal driven into the signal between 0 and 24 dB
  • Ceiling: the level that the clipper will clip up to and not exceed
  • Mix: mix between wet clipped signal and dry signal
  • Trim: output volume control just in case you want to adjust the clipped signal loudness
  • Analyzer: waveform view that lets you see what the signal looks like while clipping

Platforms Universal Mac AU & VST3 Windows 10 VST3


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