ATK Side Chain Compressor


ATK Side-Chain Compressor is a stereo side chain compressor plugin.


  • two separate channels that can be linked together,
  • Middle/Side processing,
  • a control between peak power and RMS detection,
  • a color section (color and quality),
  • a dry/wet section for parallel compression.
  • The side chain capability allows an outside signal to trigger the compressor, like a filtered version of the original signal or a completely distinct signal. Bass triggered by drums is the typical example of a side-chain compressor effect.

The plugin features a unique color section that enables non linear compression near the knee. A negative color lowers the gain while a positive color increases the gain above 0dB (a simple compressor always has a gain less or equal to 0dB).

In linked channels mode, both channels attach/release filters are working independently while their sum activates the single gain filter.


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