DSK Brass


2 layers, 23 instruments including:
Sax Soprano, Sax Tenor, Sax Alto, Harmon Mute,
Trumpet, Trumpet Cup Mute, Trumpet Staccato,
Trumpet Swell, Piccolo Trumpet, Trombone,
Trombone Cup Mute, Trombone Wah Mute, Tuba,
Tuba Staccato, Flugel Horn, French Horn,
French Horn Mute, Brass Ensemble…

  • Octave select and micro-detuner
  • Effects (Delay, flanger)
  • Midi Automation

*Most of DSK Music VST dont works fine in 64 bits or Mac system.
If they dont works for you, you can use any 32 to 64 bits VST adapters, like jbridge: https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/


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