Surge XT


Surge is still a monster synthesizer in every respect

Obviously, the fact that it is now open source means that you can download and use it completely free of charge.

It is currently available for download as a VST and VST3 plugin.

Surge was released in 2006 and was priced at 99 euros at the time. It was developed by Vember Audio. Despite its age, Surge is still a monster synthesizer in every aspect.

It features many synthesis techniques, a large selection of filters, a flexible modulation engine, a wide variety of effects and modern features such as MPE and microtuning.

Synthesis method: Subtractive Hybrid

Each patch contains two scenes that are separate instances of the entire synthesis engine (except effects) that can be used to create layered or split patches.

Fast category-based patch browser with textual search and favorites

Works on a variety of operating systems, plugin formats and architectures


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