Phuturetone – 5 Free Synths


Virtual Devices with Vintage Analog Vibes

Phuturetone is a project by Sasha Radojevic, a skilled graphic designer living in Belgrade, Serbia. Driven by a profound passion for Sci-Fi literature, movies and electronic music, these passions have guided him into the realms of music production and sound design.

However, in the area where he resided, finding the necessary equipment for creating such music was both rare and expensive. Consequently, he made the decision to develop his own virtual instruments and effects, employing visual programming software such as SynthEdit, NI Reaktor, and more recently, once again returning to SynthEdit, this time strengthened by the capabilities of C++ programming.

He made his work accessible to individuals who shared his enthusiasm but couldn’t afford costly instruments, aiming to provide them with an opportunity to express their musical creativity without limitations

GR-8 Polyphonic VA Synth VST3 & AU

PHILTHY Monophonic VA Synth for NI Reaktor

PHUTURA 2 Poliphonic DCO Synth for NI Reaktor

ANALOG GROOVE BOXES Bass and Drums Patches for Reason

REASON SYNTHS Synths Pathches for Reason


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