KUMA 508


KUMA 508 is an FM synth designed for rave sounds that features 5 Oscillators and a Noise Generator

This plugin has 5 FM modes and 3 Single Osc modes. Each Oscillator, besides the basic waveforms also counts with 22 extra waveforms. Also…each Osc has an ADSR control in the phase input to control the amount of signal that inputs in the phase.

The “LWM” selects the LFOs. Each control that has an “LWM” below, can be controled by the Low Frequency Oscillator. The “L” selects the Speed, the “W” the Waveform and the “M” the Transport Mode.

The plugin has a Pitch control for each Osc plus a Master Pitch that can be connected to a Pitch Envelope. There is also a Filter Envelope and a Master Amp Envelope. !

The Filter area counts with 4 Filters that can be connected serial or parallel VIA Patch Cables (Semi-Modular). There is also a Reverb and a powerful Distortion Station

KUMA 508 is a FREE PLUGIN for Windows and macOSX VST2/VST3/AU 64-bits


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