Shreddage 3 Stratus


The ultimate FREE electric guitar sample library for KONTAKT PLAYER

Includes deep-sampled sustain, palm mute, and choke articulations with 3 octaves of playing range, up to 24 samples per note, and tons of performance options. Also features TACT 2.0 and the new CONSOLE mixer and modular FX rack!

Pristine 24-bit recordings
Recorded DI through the neck pickup so you can make your own tone. (Other pickups available in the full version)

Classic 6-string guitar
All-around American sound heard on countless songs: great for rock, blues, pop, funk, and more

All crucial articulations
Sustains, palm mutes, chokes, pitched & unpitched release noises

Realistic performances through meticulous sampling
Every string sampled from open up to 12th fret with up to 4x down/4x up strokes per note, 3 dynamic layers, and 3 palm mute layers

Dozens of production-ready tone snapshots
From hi-gain amped options to clean, ambient playing

The goal with this library is to give ALL Kontakt users an excellent, realistic, and FREE virtual guitar instrument with all our latest technology and no crippling limitations. Shreddage 3 Stratus Free includes some of the most useful sounds from the full version, as well as tons of editing features, TACT 3.0, and the Console mixer (see below), giving you all the tools you need to write and produce electric guitar parts.

Just like the full version, you get our updated fretting & voicing engine with multiple algorithms and styles to choose from. You can create custom tones with 30+ included FX modules and cabinet IRs. With this instrument, you can create lead, rhythm, and strummed parts, all in a single Kontakt instance


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