Sistema AI-powered Synthesizer


Sistema is the first AI-powered software instrument that helps you easily create new textures & sounds for your music

Pure Inspiration
Sistema delivers a combo. Its AI algorithm gives you infinite number of new sounds and textures so you break through a creative block easily. While funky preset names coming with each sound give every session a unique twist.

Applicable Anywhere
Be it live performance, song-writing or production session, sound design or sample packs production.

Beginner Friendly. Pro Sound Quality
Sistema brings clean user interface and streamlined workflow. We replaced a myriad of knobs, selectors, menus found in traditional synthesizers by a complex technology working behind the scenes. With no sacrifice to the quality of the sound.

Powerful Sound FX
With multi-effect built-in macro collection you are in control of warmth and depth, brightness, tension and other aspects of your sounds.

CPU Efficient
Even a dozen instances of Sistema in your project will leave more CPU power for additional effects.

Lighter Then Ever
Sistema is just a couple of megabytes saving precious disk space.

Disk Usage Comparison
Your Presets. Stored Securely
All of your saved presets are securely stored in the cloud and accessible to you anywhere, instantly.

Multi-Genre Instrument
Sistema generates stunning sounds in all major genres – from Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock & Pop to House, Indie & Metal.

Free version

  • 50 unique sounds generated per month
  • All presets securely stored in the cloud
  • All generated sounds are 100% royalty-free
  • Access to developers’ support via email
  • Instant access to all future updates

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