AKAI Professional MPK Mini Play MK3


Portable MIDI Controller with Integrated Synthesizer Functionality

In this review, we’ll explore the AKAI Professional MPK Mini Play MK3, a portable MIDI controller that combines integrated synthesizer functionality. Ideal for musicians and producers on the go, this device offers a wide range of features in a compact package.

Design and Construction

The AKAI Professional MPK Mini Play MK3 features a compact and lightweight design, perfect for use in the studio or on the move. With a sturdy construction, this MIDI controller is designed to withstand continuous use, ensuring durability and reliability.

Key Features

This versatile MIDI controller offers 32 velocity-sensitive keys, as well as eight backlit, velocity-sensitive pads for rhythm programming and sample triggering. Additionally, it features a wide variety of controls to adjust sound parameters and manipulate effects in real time.

Integrated Synthesizer Functionality

The MPK Mini Play MK3 includes a built-in synthesizer with 128 sounds and 10 drum kits, allowing users to create music without the need for additional software. With sound editing options and a built-in LCD screen, it’s easy to customize and control sounds directly from the device.

Connectivity and Power

In addition to its USB connection, the MPK Mini Play MK3 also features a headphone jack input, a headphone jack output, and built-in speakers, making it a versatile standalone device. It runs on batteries or can be powered via USB, making it ideal for use anywhere.


In summary, the AKAI Professional MPK Mini Play MK3 is a portable and versatile MIDI controller that offers integrated synthesizer functionality. With its compact design, wide variety of features, and ease of use, it’s an excellent choice for musicians and producers looking for an all-in-one solution for music creation


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