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Vinyl is a plug-in that lets you simulate the dust, scratches and warping of a worn record and the electrical and mechanical noise of the turntable

Try the new Lo-fi effect to add the characteristic tone of 80s hip-hop re-sampling. Bring characterful artifacts and classic tone to your production in seconds.


  • Warp: choose the amount of warp and the warp shape for the record, from no warp to fully faded and warped edges.
  • Dust: simulates the amount of dust that has settled on the surface of the record.
  • Year: models record players of different decades using filter responses.
  • Wear: simulates the effect of a record that has been played too many times, from new to several thousand spins.
  • Mechanical Noise: adds engine and turntable noise.
  • Spin Down: simulates the sound of slowly stopping the playback of a record by modulating both the speed and frequency of playback.


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