Taped Vibes


Free LoFi vibes with a lot of soul

Taped Vibes gives one of the most legendary electric pianos a new twist with a completely new, smooth, relaxed and jazzy sound. This free HALion instrument was sampled with the old tape of a Space Echo, a vintage preamp and a high-end DI box

This gives you the freedom to be able to play a lot of different styles, whether it’s creamy soul, raw funk or ultrarelaxed lo-fi. Plus, with our new tutorial series you can see step-by-step how the instrument was created


  • Free electric piano sampled with an original Wurlitzer 200A used in the studio
  • Sampled in three different ways: DI, tape and preamp
  • Includes selected effects and a random function to create endless new variations
  • Works with the free HALion Sonic in Cubase, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro and other DAWs

Plugin format (Win) VST 3, AAX
Plugin format (Mac) VST 3, AU, AAX


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