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Band Saturator is a free plugin from Bansaw Crown Music, known for its high-quality audio plugins and sound design tools.

As its name suggests, Band Saturator is a saturation effect that offers a variety of “colors” or “willows” to enhance and add character to your sounds.

Three unique saturation flavors

The Band Saturator plugin (free) features three carefully selected and distinct “unique” saturation flavors, each of which can be applied to a wide range of instruments, including drums, vocals, and even entire mixes. Provides versatile options for precise control over the sonic qualities of various sounds.

Intuitive controls

The plugin’s controls are divided into two sections: filters and saturation settings. The filter section offers FREQUENCY, BANDWIDTH and RESONANCE knobs to adjust the high-pass and low-pass filters and add resonance. The PRE/POST mode switch determines whether the filters are applied before or after the saturation stage.

The overdrive settings section features a DRIVE knob to control the amount of overdrive, a MIX knob to mix dry and wet signals, and an OUTPUT GAIN knob to adjust the overall output level. Three buttons at the bottom of the plugin let you choose between Warm Wave, Radiant Curve, and Thermal Hue saturation types.

The plugin also includes a trimmer, which can be activated using the gear icon and set to Hard or Soft trimming modes.

Compatible VST3, AU, and AAX formats on Windows and macOS 64-bit systems.


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