Neutone IA


Neutone makes AI technologies available for everyone to experiment with

You’ll find transformative AI audio instruments that will unleash endless creative possibilities.

Universal VST/AU plug-in
Download and install the Neutone VST/AU universal plug-in for use with your favorite DAW.

Experiment with the latest AI models
Find amazing AI models to load into your Neutone plug-in. Check back for new models developed with the latest AI technology.

Get inspired to create
You’ll find models to use in real time, ready for your recordings and performances – create new and exciting sounds and music!

“Neutone” is an audio plugin that allows you to use the latest AI audio models and is a project aimed at providing innovative musical expression.

Until now, there were significant technological barriers to using AI models in music production. Although the complexity has gradually decreased with the emergence of new machine learning libraries, the number of people who can use them is still limited to a very small percentage of those with programming experience.

The “Neutone” audio plugin, developed in-house, runs on a digital audio workstation (DAW) and can control DSP (digital sound processing) models using deep learning in real time. It is possible to use AI in the general workflow of


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