KeroVee is a pitch correction plug-in; it is a VST effect, so it is used with Cubase, Sonar and other VST-compatible applications.

It focuses on the so-called “Auto-Tune” effect but the latest version, version 1.60, also offers greater support for natural pitch correction.

There are two transposed pitch correction outputs, each of which can be mixed, even bypassing the original sound, to create a chorus effect (a true layered chorus effect, as opposed to the so-called “chorus effect”).

It has formant correction, so it can also be used to convert male voices <=> female voices.

To install it, just put KeroVee.dll in the VST plugins folder of your host application. The procedure varies from host application to host application, so follow the manual of each host application.

KeroVee is an effect, so it is inserted into the audio track. Note that the audio track must be stereo in order to specify panning.

Also, when you use the “TuneTo MIDI” function, route the MIDI signal to the KeroVee.


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