Audacity® is a free digital audio editor, recorder and mixer. Audacity pro is open source (cross-platform*) software. It is a sophisticated software application that comes with an extensive list of features. It has over a decade of development behind it, as well as a large online community to support it.

If you are only dealing with audio tracks, Audacity is a perfectly functional free DAW solution.

The main drawback is that Audacity does not serve as a MIDI sequencer. This means that you cannot use MIDI tracks with your virtual instruments.

The use of plug-ins in Audacity is also a bit different from professional DAWs, so it might not be entirely suitable for a full production workflow.

Despite this, Audacity is an excellent free resource.


  • Robust audio editing capabilities.
  • Unlimited tracks


  • No MIDI support
  • Privacy and spyware concerns


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