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TrakTrain is a website designed specifically for buying, selling, and leasing instrumentals, particularly those in the rap and hip-hop genres. Although the direct rival and largest platform for selling beats today is BeatStars, we must not forget that the bigger it is, the more competition you will have to achieve your goals, and as you already know, it is better to be in all of them than to bet on just one system

The highlight of TrakTrain is

Buy rhythms:

TrakTrain offers a marketplace for singers/rappers and Producers/Beatmakers to connect. Beat makers upload their instrumental beats (tracks) to the platform and singers/rappers can browse, preview and purchase these beats to use in their music.
The website caters to different budgets with various pricing options, allowing singers/rappers to find beats that fit their needs.

Rhythm sales:

Producers/Beatmakers can upload their original instrumental beats to TrakTrain and set their own prices. The platform offers features like beat previews to showcase your work and attract potential buyers.
TrakTrain provides a platform for beat makers to reach a specific audience of singers/rappers looking for high-quality instruments.

Additional characteristics:

Exclusive Offers: TrakTrain may offer exclusive offers on beat purchases or subscriptions for frequent buyers.
Beat Types: The platform likely focuses on beats commonly used in rap and hip-hop music, such as trap, boom bap, and cloud rap. However, the specific types of beats available may vary depending on the beat makers who upload their work.
Search functionality: Users can probably search for beats based on genre, mood, instruments, or keywords, making it easy to find the perfect beat for their music.
User Reviews and Ratings: The platform could allow users to leave reviews and ratings on beats, helping other musicians discover high-quality options.

Benefits for singers/rappers:

Access to a large beat library: Explore and purchase high-quality instrumentals from a diverse group of beat makers.
Price Variety: Find beats that fit your budget with flexible pricing options.
Streamlined Workflow: Easily preview and purchase beats right within the platform, saving time and effort.
Royalty-Free Usage: Purchased beats typically come with royalty-free licenses, allowing singers/rappers to use them in their music without incurring additional fees (depending on the specific license offered by the beat maker).

Benefits for Producers/Beatmakers:

Reach a Specific Audience: Sell your beats directly to singers/rappers who are actively looking for instrumental tracks.
Set your own prices: Control your earnings by setting the price of each beat you upload.
Build a fan base: Gain exposure for your work and attract new followers among singers/rappers.
Recurring revenue potential: Sell the same beat to multiple singers/rappers if licensing allows.

Overall, TrakTrain provides a valuable platform for both singers/rappers and beatmakers in the rap and hip-hop scene. Singers/rappers can find high-quality instruments for their music, while beat makers can reach a target audience and sell their work. It is important to note that specific features and functionality may vary based on current TrakTrain offerings.

The free plan includes

  • 10 GB storage limit – you can upload as many tracks as you want within the storage limit
  • Keep 100% of your mp3 sales – for the first 15 tracks uploaded, 75% for the rest
  • Keep 75% of your WAV & STEMs sales – sell more with high-quality audio files
  • Fully customizable contract terms – tweak your contract the way you like it
  • Embed our store widget into your website or social media pages and generate more profit
  • Direct purchase link – generate a link to post on any other website or social media that leads to your track purchase page



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