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Sharing, Listening, and Creating

SoundClick is an online platform that provides a space for independent musicians and music enthusiasts to interact, share their creations, and enjoy diverse musical content.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited song storage: Artists can upload their songs in MP3 format without restrictions.
  • Distribution options: Songs can be offered for free for streaming or download, sold through SoundClick’s online store, or licensed to third parties.
  • Promotion tools: SoundClick offers premium services, such as the VIP plan, which gives artists more freedom in their page design, promotional tools, and discounts.
  • Music store: Users can purchase individual songs or MP3 albums from their favorite artists.
  • Integrated social network: SoundClick allows users to create profiles, connect with other users, share photos, videos, and blogs, and create personalized radio stations.
  • Daily charts: The platform generates lists of the most popular songs in various genres, based on undisclosed criteria.

Founded in 1997 by brothers Tanju and Tolgar Canli, SoundClick has evolved from a RealAudio audio streaming site into a robust platform with millions of users and songs. The company, headquartered in California, maintains a focus on supporting the independent music community.

SoundClick is a comprehensive platform for musicians and music lovers that offers a space to share, discover, and enjoy a wide variety of musical genres.

Your free plan includes

  • Unlimited song uploads
  • Unlimited sales for singles
  • Unlimited album sales.
  • Sell unlimited song licenses
  • Our commission on sales: 20%



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