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Chordify is an online music learning platform that helps musicians play their favorite songs. Here’s an overview of the website’s main features:

  • Automatic chord extraction: Search for a song by name, artist, or YouTube/Deezer/SoundCloud link, and Chordify will show you the song’s chords in real time.
  • Chord-scrolling player: Play the song while watching the chords scroll in sync with the music. You can adjust the playback speed, transpose the song to different keys, and use a virtual capo.
  • Chord diagrams: View interactive diagrams for each chord, with different hand positions and fingerings.
  • Capo chords: Find the capo position that makes the song easier to play.
  • Sheet music printing: Print song sheets with chords and diagrams for offline practice.
  • Tuner: Tune your instrument with the built-in chromatic tuner.
  • Community: Join the Chordify community to share your own chords, collaborate with other musicians, and learn from others.

Chordify offers a free version with access to basic features and a premium version with additional features such as:

  • Chords for different instruments: Access chords for guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, and banjo.
  • Advanced chord diagrams: View diagrams with alternate fingerings, inversions, and open chords.
  • Tabs: Access tablature for guitar and bass.
  • Ad-free mode: Enjoy Chordify without annoying ads.
  • Offline downloads: Download songs and sheet music for offline practice.

In short, Chordify is a comprehensive tool for learning and playing music that allows you to:

  • Play your favorite songs: Find the chords to any song and start playing it on your favorite instrument.
  • Learn new chords: View interactive diagrams and learn different fingerings for chords.
  • Improve your musical skills: Practice with the metronome, adjust the playback speed, and use the capo to make it easier for yourself.
  • Connect with other musicians: Join the Chordify community and share your passion for music.

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